Resources for Astrological Study

The personal astrological almanac is a tool designed to assist you in tracking the current celestial movements, their conversations with one another, and their interactions with your personal natal chart. It offers data that is relevant for astrological interpretation, however it generally does not provide synthesis of the data presented. On this page, we've begun to compile some resources to aid your study when working with the almanac.


Planets in Transit: Lifecycles for Living by Robert Hand

An easy-to-use reference for modern delineations of natal transits. All major aspects between the ten planets are described.


Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice, Volume One: Assessing Planetary Condition by Demetra George

An in-depth workbook for learning to assess traditional planetary condition according to Hellenistic methodology.


Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune by Chris Brennan

A comprehensive presentation of the history and practice of Hellenistic astrology, including detail on ancient timing techniques such as annual profections and zodiacal releasing.

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