Personal Astrological Almanacs

Customized natal transit planners for professional and student astrologers.

Each almanac contains transits specific to the owner's natal chart. Choose your preferred start date, time zone, house calculation system, binding method, and more to make the almanac fit your exact needs!

Personalized Astrological Almanac

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Watch Chris Brennan, Kelly Surtees, and Austin Coppock give an in-depth review of the almanac!

Monthly & Weekly Calendars

Monthly and weekly calendars

With mundane and personal transits together, you can look ahead to any day of the year and pinpoint which energies will be available to you.

Customized cover and content

Start your almanac's calendars from the current month, or choose up to six months in advance. The front cover design includes your selected date range as well as the astrological glyphs of your personal "Big 3" – Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Personalized Cover
Lunations, Eclipses & Planetary Stations

Lunations, eclipses, and planetary stations

At-a-glance reference for determining which celestial events will be most impactful for your chart.

Localized ephemeris data

At the back of the almanac, you'll find 12 months of ephemeris tables, all set to the time zone of your selected location.


Original illustrations and personalized natal chart graphics

Each month features an original illustration of the season's sun sign. And on the natal chart page, dive deeper into your chart with new visualizations, such as your elemental focus graph and natal chord diagram.

Write your appointments and to-do lists

The almanac contains a full page for each week of the year. Mundane and natal transits are listed in chronological order, with plenty of space left over for notetaking and listmaking. (If you do take lots of notes, we recommend ordering our 7.5" x 9.7" Wide-format almanac.)



  • Choice of 6-month ($22, 86 pages) or 12-month ($35, 146 pages) personalized book. Both editions include 24 months of outer planet transits and 12 months of lunations and stations apsecting your natal chart
  • Choice of standard or wide format, with either paperback or spiral binding
  • Choice of starting month
  • Choice of zodiac and house systems: Tropical zodiac with Whole signs, Placidus, or Porphyry, and Sidereal zodiac with Equal houses, plus a selection of popular ayanamsa
  • All dates and times localized to your selected location
  • Natal chart page with unique graphs and chord progressions
  • Monthly and weekly calendar pages showing mundane and natal transits
  • Weekly pages show all lunar transits, allowing easy observation of void-of-course moon
  • Original llustrations of the zodiac

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