What do I do if I have an issue with my almanac?

Please contact us right away at support@honeycomb.co. Ensuring the Almanac meets your expectations is a top priority. We’d like to hear about any and all concerns you might have!

Why is my ascendant wrong?

On occasion, for birth years prior to 1970, we may miscalculate whether Daylight Saving was in effect at your birth time and place. We currently rely on the IANA Timezone Database to tell us whether DST was in effect, and unfortunately they don't maintain accurate data before 1970.

If you enter a birth year before 1970, the website will show a button that lets you manually force DST to your expected setting, which will almost certainly give you the ascendant you were expecting!

If for some reason your ascendant still looks incorrect, please contact support and let us know what you were expecting. We'll work with your to identify the issue and make sure we get your almanac configured as you expect!

Why would I choose a 6-month almanac?

There are a few reasons people choose the 6 month almanac:

  • We’re constantly releasing new features for the almanac. For some folks, 12 months is a long time to wait to get all those new features!
  • Some people prefer to be able to start fresh more often than every 12 months.
  • It costs less. You get to try out the almanac for $22 instead of $35!
  • It’s a lighter book, so it’s even easier to carry around!

Both the 6-month and 12-month almanacs contain 24 months of outer planet transit graphs! These graphs start 3 months before your almanac start date, and extend 21 months into the future.

Both also include 12 months of mundane and natal aspects to lunation and planetary stations, and 12 months of ephemeris pages!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!

In most parts of Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand shipping costs should be $8.99 or less. While prices to other locations may be higher, we're still able to ship to most international destinations.

After placing your order, it may take up to 10 business days (or, two full weeks) for your almanac to print and ship from our printing partners, at which point you will receive an email with your tracking code.

How do you calculate shipping prices?

We always try to subsidize the cheapest trackable shipping option our carriers offer us in order to present afforable options to our customers. In the US, this means we can offer free shipping, and internationally it means that we are often giving significant discounts on what we’re actually paying our carriers.

We’re able to offer better international shipping prices on the 12-month almanac, because the $35 price point gives us a little more room to subsidize the cost of the shipping prices we’re paying. Our carriers generally charge us the same shipping fee for both the 12-month and 6-month almanac. Because of this, the 6-month almanac may sometimes have a higher shipping price than the 12-month.

Why don't you offer free shipping outside the US?

Unfortunately, the shipping prices we offer reflect what our carriers are charging us. In the US we have access to a $3.99 trackable shipping method, which we cover the cost of in order offer a free option. International shipping prices start at $8.99 or less in many parts of the UK, mainland Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We're always looking for opportunities to offer better shipping prices!

How long does it take to receive my almanac after ordering?

The almanac will be printed and shipped within 6-9 days, and delivery time depends on the shipping option chosen. A good estimate of the arrival date is given at checkout and in your order confirmation. In our experience, deliveries in the US often arrive earlier than the estimated date.

The following are indicative times:

  • Free US Shipping: approx. 2-3 weeks
  • International Shippng: approx. 2 weeks
  • Expedited Shipping (US and international): approx. 10 days

Which zodiac and house system does the almanac use?

You can choose either a tropical zodiac or a sidereal zodiac. If you choose the sidereal zodiac, you can also choose form a selection of popular ayanamsas. Please let us know if you need an alternative ayanamsa, and we'll do our best to add it in a future version!

For the tropical zodiac, you can choose from whole signs, Placidus, Porphyry, Koch, equal house, Campanus, and Regiomontanus systems. For the sidereal zodiac we offer the equal house system.

Why isn't my preferred house system available?

We've really agonized over striking a balance between simplicity and choice. We very much want to avoid an overwhelming set of choices in the ordering process. We also want to make sure we do a smaller set of things well, rather than a larger set not so well. The current set of options represents our effort to strike a balance here. That said, we love feedback, and letting us know what you want to see is the best way to see those changes in future versions of the almanac!

Which aspects are shown in the almanac?

Conjunction (0º), sextile (60º), square (90º), trine (120º), and opposition (180º) aspects are shown in the transits. Additionally, the natal chart shows quincunx (150º) aspects.

Which types of transits are shown in the almanac?

The weekly planner pages show all mundane transits, including the Moon, and all natal transits (except for the Moon, where only conjunctions are shown).

The monthly calendar shows all mundane transits (except the Moon, where only phasal aspects to the Sun are shown), and all natal transits (except for the Moon, where only conjunctions are shown).

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, you can find our privacy policy here.